Corporate Information | Our Story

National Warehouse Tent has been in the tent business for a long time. Our owners have been in the business of setting up mobile facilities throughout the world. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, we now operate throughout the United States. We contract with both private and public sectors and service many industries ranging from manufacturing to defense.

Our founder, Brendan Evans, started in the industry back in 1995 working for Hospitality International. He was the guy that would set up the big tents that you see at golf tournaments, auto races, the Super Bowl, and much more. He roamed the United States sometimes supervising two or three different installations in different states on the same weekend.

After many years, Brendan acting as an independent operator, and through careful business practices, has built his tent and temporary storage organization into one of the largest temporary warehouse companies in the world. With a centralized staging warehouse in Simpsonville, Kentucky, our company is within 24 hours of most locations in the United States.

National Warehouse Tent is Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and GSA compliant. For more questions regarding public sector contracts please call our offices.